Sunday, January 27, 2013

We gave you Disney Parodies; now will you submit?

[to the tune of "I'll Make a Man out of You," from Disney's Mulan.]

Let's get down to posting
in Calliope;
or do you want to face it
when the pages
are empty?
You know you don't really wanna see
that we've got nothing to read,
give us all
of the art
pretty please!

"I realized I still have four days
and that really ain't much time!
Will I finish drawing that portrait of mine?
Do you really think the LitMag needs my work?
(Of course!) 
Of course, if you really cared
you wouldn't give me such a scare~
I'll pull my hair!! 

If it would
get you to submit to Calliope.
If it would
I'd buy you a copy of the magazine.
That's a joke, 
you know if you submit by 2-15-13
I don't pay
you will get
your own copy!!! (FREE).

So now that we've given you your dose of Procrasilliness for the day, folks--in all honesty--we here at the Calliope Literary Magazine really do want your submissions. We want to read your poems, admire your photographs, see what you all are up to with your art: nothing would make us happier to see that the pages of this year's magazine are filled with all of your wonderful submissions. 

Think about it. If you're into outlines, Readers, we'll even give you a bulletpoint list.

  • The magazine is your time to shine. Just submit, and the opportunity to showcase your work is yours.
  • Sure, yearbooks are one way to remember your years at Amity. But, as for Calliope LitMag, it's arguably an even better way to capture the times. By submitting your work, you give yourself the opportunity to capture a part of YOU in the magazine. 
    •  You'll have a down-in-print example of what kind of art you produced in 2012-2013 if you submit by the 15th.
    • Other people who purchase or get their own free copies of the magazine will see and remember your work. It's a form of literary immortality.
  • Lots of someones will see your work, and perhaps they'll be inspired by what you create. You'll never know the power of your work on others if you don't put it out there for them to see.
  • If we've already written up this blogpost for you in hopes that you submit to us by the 15th, don't you think it'd be kind of cruel to just leave us editors hanging? Complete the high-five. Come on. You know you want to. 
  • (And if a large number of folks do submit by the end of the month, perhaps we'll make more Disney parodies. That's a definite maybe.)

So now, we leave you all with the Overwhelming Question: 

Will you submit?

We really hope you make the right choice.
It's up to you all to hit the submit button now. 

Either you'll do it or you won't.
There are only two options.

--Calliope Editorial Staff, out.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day off? Create and submit!


As all of us know (unfortunately), midterms start THIS WEEK, and we trust that you're studying hard!

Here's some food for thought while you're studying (or procrastinating while reading this post?): did you know that 98% of super-smart scientists say doodling/drawing helps teenagers retain information? Okay, that might be a fib, but our DAY OFF tomorrow is still a great opportunity to finish that drawing or short story you want to submit! Remember, the deadline for submission is February 15th, so time is running out!

Happy studying/submitting!

-Calliope Editorial Staff

 P.S. Here's a fact we're pretty sure is true: most English teachers will frown upon your using Internet slang in your midterm essay(s)!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get Them In Before Midterms

Hey guys!

Midterms are next week (AGH!) and the whole Calliope Editorial Staff believes in you. Come on guys, you got this!

But before you get into the Midterm Mojo, send in your pieces for Calliope! Remember, the deadline for submissions is February 15th. You have got to have priorities... Calliope being the top ;)

As a not-so-new but unknown addition, if you take ceramics or have 3D sculptures, you can take a picture of your work's best angle and send it in. So go ahead and send your three dimensional art in!

Good luck on the exam process everyone!

-Calliope Editorial Staff

PS: Don't panic about the cover contest, its deadline is still February 28th.

And above is some procrastination-riddled fun in the spirit of midterms!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Submit, submit, submit

The deadline for submissions to calliope is approaching fast! Remember, you have to submit any of your artwork/writing pieces to this blog or our email by February 15th. 
 Also, don't forget the cover contest ending February 28th! Wouldn't it be great to have your artwork on the cover of calliope?
Our email is and submit your writing pieces by pressing on the "Submit" button next to this post. 
Merry Weekend,
The Calliope Editorial Staff

(Here's some inspirational [sort of] music for you to write/draw stuff to...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Calliope Cover Contest (plus a little fun)


Submit your piece as the possible cover of the 2012-2013 Calliope magazine! The winning piece is going to be featured on the cover (obviously), and you will also receive an all-expenses paid, complimentary magazine!

Submit your cover to our email,

If you have questions, just press the button to the right and let us know.

Here's a fun comic to brighten your day :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Greetings From Common Era!

Hey there, Amity!

Welcome to our new blog! If you remember, we used to be Stone-Age Calliope Lit Mag, with only paltry paper advertisements and those decorated manila folders scattered around the school (you know, the ones you were confused about). Luckily, though, we’ve discovered the joys of the internet, and bam! Blog.

Reasons why this blog will be excellent:

·         You can submit your work for the magazine right here!

·         For your convenience, you can follow us and get all updates Calliope related

·         For your procrastination enjoyment, we will post fun pieces regularly (art, quotations, prose, music, and possibly our own webcomic!)

If you have any questions, just press the button on the right and ask us!

Stay tuned.
--Calliope Editorial Staff